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Promotions & Events
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Here, at the Media & Info Centre, we keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in and around our shopping centre. Find anything from press releases and business developments to retail trends and shopping events.
Find the latest information on Wernhil Park, Broll Namibia and Ohlthaver & List and all other business developments.

Promotions and Events, as well as "What's New" inform you about upcoming events, specials and activities planned for the shopping centre and from our individual retail stores. Find also top news about the current third phase expansion development that will bring even more stores and excitement.

If you are a business, looking for the most effective way to promote your brand and product to Namibian shoppers, have a look at our promotions and exhibition offer at Wernhil Park. Three exciting promotional areas at Wernhil Park, with thousands of consumers passing by daily, are designed to have your brand and products discovered.